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New York City

To find a caring, experienced and professional lawyer to fight for you during your divorce or family law matter, contact our office for an initial consultation.

A divorce is a difficult situation for anyone to go through

You want an experienced New York City divorce attorney whose entire practice is devoted to the areas of matrimonial and family law. At the Law Office of Vivien I. Stark, we understand the situation you are dealing with and seek to create the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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There can be many situations that come up as you proceed with your divorce or Family Court case. Attempting to resolve child custody issues or division of property can be volatile areas that require an experienced hand to work with you in order to avoid costly litigation. We, however, have the knowledge and experience to try the case to its conclusion if that is what is necessary. By choosing Vivien I. Stark, you can feel confident your case will be treated with the importance it deserves.

Why Choose the
Law Office of
Vivien I. Stark?

By dedicating time and attention to each client, the law office of Vivien I. Stark will fight
for the best result possible using over
25 years of knowledge and experience to get
you the outcome you deserve.

Personal Attention

We believe in providing personal attention
to each and every one of our clients.

Caring and

While a divorce or family law case can be
difficult, we will provide the support to guide
you from beginning to end.

Over 25 years of

As a firm practicing solely in areas of family
and divorce law, our detailed knowledge and
skill lead to better results


We provide strategic aggressive
representation to obtain the best possible
outcome for the least cost

Prompt response

Our clients will receive a prompt
response to all telephone calls, emails
and correspondence

The teacher,
not the student

Vivien I. Stark is a published
author in the field and selected by the
New York County Lawyers Association
to teach and mentor young attorneys

Meet Attorney Vivien I. Stark

Ms. Stark represents clients in the five boroughs of New York as well as the
suburban counties adjoining New York City including New Jersey.

Vivien I. Stark, Esq. is an experienced NYC divorce lawyer practicing law for more
than 25 years in the areas of Matrimonial and Family law.

Some of the areas include, prenuptial and separation agreements, actions for separation, annulment and divorce (uncontested and contested) as well as child support, paternity, custody, visitation, orders of protection, relocation and handling proceedings in the Family Courts and Supreme Courts of the State of New York. All efforts are made to resolve cases prior to commencing a lawsuit or trying a case, however if no amicable resolution can be reached, we will diligently represent all clients to the conclusion of their case.

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Small Firm
Attention Backed
By Over 25 Years of

Pursuing Your Best Interests

Protecting your assets is of the utmost importance whether you're a young person starting out in your career or a high net worth individual. When your case is handled properly from the beginning, you increase your chances of receiving the best possible monetary outcome. Our New York City divorce lawyer will work hard to avoid as much conflict as possible, while still aggressively pursuing your best interests.

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We offer the quality and experience of a large law firm with rates and personal service typically found at a smaller firm. The television show "Law and Order" even consulted with us on matters of matrimonial law. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss your goals for your divorce and work with you to achieve them. We service clients in the Supreme Courts and Family Courts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

Contact a New York City Divorce Lawyer Today

It is absolutely imperative and strongly advised by our firm to call a seasoned and exceptionally knowledgeable New York City divorce attorney before beginning any family legal matter in the state of New York. When your family's future relies on your ability and willingness to work with a law firm who can help you maneuver through any complex legal process, it is important to choose the right lawyer. Working with an irresponsible or inexperienced law firm can only backfire on you when the case is unfolding.

Looking for a New York City divorce attorney? When working with our firm, you can rest more easily knowing that we will protect your rights and advocate the interests of your family. We have spent years providing proven legal resources to families and individuals all across NYC, and we are prepared to extend our services to your family as well. To learn more about the services that our firm offers and to retain the legal counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer from our office, please contact us today!

Trusted by Clients




Kept Me Informed

Overall Rating




Kept Me Informed

Overall Rating

"Excellent! Ms. Stark is a wonderful person both on a professional and personal level. Her work has always proven to be outstanding. She is a very caring and devoted to her clients and would highly recommend her."
Anna, Divorce Client
"Simply the best! Vivien was able to handle (what seemed to be a life long battle) timely and efficiently. Today I have sole custody of my child, pay no child support and my divorce was finalized. I was able to start my life over and build a new family."
Ben, Child Custody Client
"Great attorney! Vivien was patient with all of my questions and highlighted some unfair issues. She was able to negotiate them so that the agreement was fair for the both of us which it should be. I found her easy to work with and fair with her time in ratio to her billing. She made this event a lot easier for me to deal with."
Cheryl, Prenuptials Client
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